Diversity is a part of every business.  It makes the ability to be flexible and agile for the business to continue to grow and be profitable.  As individuals we all have unique qualities that we bring to the table.  One of the qualities that people bring to the workplace is a unique perspective because of disability.

     This perspective is a result of many different trials and tribulations that challenge each individual in his or her own right.  It is a way of engineering one's existence that has never been perceived before and offers attitudes that are talented when honed properly.  Think of unlimited rainbow of colors to choose from that are all outside of the box with the way they can create solutions when properly trained in order to produce new results with new horizons for people skills and business needs.  When looked at from the eyes of a trained professional that knows how to harness this resource, disabled people have the potential to become the best.

     When I was in business school, there was an initiative that we celebrate diversity posted all over Williamson Hall.  It was obvious how true it was.  There were people of all races, beliefs, physical sizes, fashion styles and intellect.  Being disabled and productive at the school fits in with a diversity initiative such as this.  Through such an initiative it is possible to open one's mind up to the acceptability of others thought process that contributes to making us better as a whole.  This type of development for the disabled brings great esteem and bride, which is tantamount to success to become independent and competitive in the real world.

     Disabled people come from all parts of the world and all walks of life.  It is important to understand how all disabled people can relate and help one another and grow the pool of talent that makes them so unique.

     The united Nations Online Volunteer Program demonstrates the need to accept disabled people and help them grow into functional members of society.  It shows that we come from all over the world and all walks of life and make a difference.  Being given professional responsibilities and helping others perceive new solutions to their problems with limited resources is what it's all about.  It makes us grow together and produce a product that is useful to everyone in our society.

     One of my achievements while striving to succeed as a disabled was to continuously pursue my goals and dreams without giving up on them.  I put in a lot of hard work and effort to reach the point were a support networked provided the fundamental for success for your future as a disabled individual.  Now known as the Compass Family Services organization, the Burdman Group helped me stay steadfast to achieve my goals in the future that were important to me.  The above network described with the UN is also a part of the support network out there.  With an effective support network the sky is the limit.  Aim high!



     Taking the disability into the workplace can be a daunting challenge depending on the nature of the hurdles.  One should never give up and forge themselves in the fire of  the challenge to  become a success.  I think that it is certainly a skill that is valued in the workforce and is something that a support network can timely integrate into a disabled person's life to begin the process of becoming independent.

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